Apr 23, 2018

A Silver Calatrava

Apr 21, 2018

The ART of Patek Philippe

Apr 13, 2018

Vintage Patek Philippe Artworks

Mar 14, 2018

Art Exhibition - Cay Broendum

      • No red carpet, No Wine, No fancy location! Just you in front of your computer ;)
      • 👆 Painted, Curated and Created by Yours Sincerly - Cay Broendum
      • 🎨 Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

Mar 2, 2018

Safe in the box

Safe in the box - or on the Wall! original Historic Horological artworks by @cay_broendum_com 🎨 these 2 original "Master" artworks are painted on original letters dated Copenhagen 1929 and 1933 These are the last 2 artworks available in its kind. #historichorologicalart #dontbuymorebuybetter #caybroendumarywork #caybroendum #rolex #rolexart #watchart #watchpainting #comex #rolexcomex

pics. random reblogged inspiration.

Feb 24, 2018

Marbel Decor

Feb 22, 2018

Explorer what make you smile.

Whatever you collect may it reflect good times and make you smile.

Rolex Exp.II artwork on Aluminium by Cay Broendum 🎨 
the original "master" artwork is at display in Amsterdam @amsterdamvintagewatches 
visit them and Explorer more 👍  

#historichorologicalart #caybroendum #caybroendumarywork #artcopenhagen #rolex #rolexexplorer #vintagerolex #rolexexplorer2 #orangehand #cavediver #rolexart #watchart #watchpainting

Watches and Art interview - Cay Broendum

New Historic Horological Art interview on Watches & Art ( watchesandart.com )

I reveal some secrets about my life and there's something about YOU to...
Thank you BP for the interview.


Mickey Mouse vs An Apple and a Watch

 Very eco in the studio today - Fruits and fresh fish....

new artwork in progress "Point in time" by Cay Broendum

Feb 3, 2018

Sun and Gold - Hand in Hand.

 A touch of gold, around the Cay Broendum artwork - Sail your Ships.

Because use of gold can never be over done... Right Loui XIV ?!!!

Jan 30, 2018

"Point In Time" First Painting 2018 by Cay Broendum

First layer of sketch paint for the First and new painting "Point in Time" 2018 by Cay Broendum
This is not the real painting - yet... Only guide lines of paint that will be under the real painting. 

Process / work in progress by Cay Broendum "Point in Time" 

attached belowsome of my inspiration. Let's have some fun ;)))